As adept with a microphone and speaker’s platform as with power tools and a chainsaw.

Most of my working life has been about making informative, engaging and entertaining noise from that biggest hole in my head.

I first started making noise in public in high school, as a disc jockey at weddings and functions, before moving into radio.

24 years on-air, initially as an announcer and then 18 years as a newsman, saw me cover a myriad of events, from massive world tragedies and disasters, to joyful stories of strength, courage, heroism and human delight. Some of those more inspiring stories still stimulate today. Sporting events included pit lane from the Gold Coast Indy for 5 years and Queensland winning its first-ever Sheffield Shield.

That time in radio allowed me the opportunity to interview, talk and associate with actors, athletes, business people, church and community leaders, developers, entertainers, governments, industry leaders, Premiers, paupers, superstars and WW1 Veterans.

A total of 13 stations in those 24 years, (yep, the adage of “here today – gone by lunchtime” is true) I spent 5 years at FM104/MMM Brisbane, becoming the News Director, and then 12 years at B105fm as Assistant News Director during their number-1 ratings periods.


Growing up in a background of arts, natural timber and hands-on, I built my own home in my early 20’s from hoop pine poles and wide Oregon boards. It was an 18-month venture. Sheds, fences, cattle yards and renovating of other houses are all part of the repertoire of handling hammers and power tools of all description.

I’m also a fan, and former owner, of Brahman cattle.

Interests include:

Associating with energetic and inspiring people

The aforementioned Brahmans


Cycling – (about 250km/week)

Brisbane Broncos – (was their ground announcer for 5 years, and then game-day Boardroom function host for 2 years at Suncorp Stadium, hence the affiliation)