There’s plenty of theory to be googled on how to be a good public speaker in front of groups of people, and have constructive conversations. What you really need is someone who’s “been there, done that and still doing it” and can give you the absolute information.

When you want the nuts and bolts, the warts and all, the coalface experience of how to speak comfortably and influence people, delivered to you in a way that’s easy to understand and easy to invoke, in all modesty, I’m a “must have” at your conference, your seminar, your event.

More than 35 years of Speaking, Broadcasting, and Coaching and Mentoring means I bring you feet-on-the-ground experience and the skills to pass on that experience for your benefit.

Feedback I’ve received from conference audiences say my presentations are “Informative, Entertaining and Engaging”. I’m not a stand-up comedian, but we will have plenty of laughs, real-world examples, enthusiasm and audience interaction at your event. My prime goal is to inspire and motivate people to overcome one of life’s greatest fears.

Choose from my Keynote Presentations:

“Presentation Performance Techniques – Creating the Voice of a Leader.”

“Presentation Performance Techniques – Build your Confidence and be a Star.”

“Perfect Presentations – Be a Sales Force.”

“Constructive Conversations –  When you have to have THAT discussion.”


Industries I’ve presented or consulted to include:

Agriculture, Construction, Education, Education, Energy, Electrical Power, Finance and Insurance, Food, Hospitality, Health Care, Manufacturing, Automotive, Film, Water, Professional Sport, Mining, Local/State/Federal Government, Road Construction, Franchising and Associations.