If speaking in public is considered a soft skill, why is it so hard??

Everyone has the ability to speak, to sell, to hold a good, solid, constructive conversation with other people, it’s just the things that are part of your history that impact that ability, that challenge your confidence in that regard. I/PB help tap into, identify and isolate those challenges that are holding you back, and then give you simple-to-understand, easy to digest and comfortable-to-implement processes and plans that allow you to then stand up and talk to a group of people or speak with individuals.

It could be a job interview, sales call or conference presentation where these plans and processes help you deliver and benefit most for you.

You get the benefit of my more-than-35 years of Keynote Speaking, Broadcasting, and Coaching and Mentoring experience all in one place!!

And, from my perspective, it’s always a joy to see people who used to be scared of public speaking take on board the information they receive and then grow in confidence and as a person.

Contact me now and we can work out a plan to help you, your staff, your colleagues, your family.



“I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the training we’ve covered for the Leadership team these past couple of months.
It’s obvious to everyone just how important communication is, but there are differing levels of quality when it comes to communication. We’ve also learned that it’s not what you say but how you say it. Your training program helped our team realise some obvious and not so obvious techniques that have improved our quality of communication and delivery in front of audiences.
The learning outcomes were enjoyable because of the way you delivered the content- with energy, enthusiasm and focus.
Thank you, Peter for this experience. It has been of great benefit to our business.”

Dave Reed, Director Mine Dewatering Systems, Weir Minerals Multiflo

“After spending 7 years on the air as a radio announcer and 2 years as the co host of two national business shows on Network 10 and Network 9, figured I knew what I was doing in front of a camera and a microphone. That was until I met Peter Buckley and took his course. He showed me how inadequate I was when it came to handling the media when I was on the ‘other side’ of the questions. He gave me the skills I needed to face multiple media opportunities on my recent PR and Media book launch tour of the USA. And as a result of his training, I secured national radio and television coverage blasting into 30 million cable subscribers across America. All with a 100 percent invitation back to appear on the shows again. Pete Rocks!”

-Troy Hazard, Global President 06/07 The Entrepreneurs’ Organization: EO, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Co-Author ‘The Naked Entrepreneur’